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Equipment Hunt Group are Solving Australian Transport

Programmatically improving customer engagement with the transport and logistics industries for the new economy.

Fixed Price Projects

Providing integration for B2C Logistic & Delivery solutions

Consumer & Business Focused

Efficiency is the goal. Generate more customers and gain market wide strategic advantages.

Domestic & International

Inter-modal Postage, Freight and Shipping requires extensive knowledge to deliver the best outcomes

Let the Logistics & Transport Market Work for you.

From Fast Courier bookings to integrated logistics solutions. Equipment Hunt Group allows your business to adapt to increasingly digitised logistics systems.

Protect your Brands Reputation with Expert Logistic & Freight Solutions

When moving goods to your customers – delays, lost and missing consignments damage your reputation and ultimately your bottom line. Don’t let inefficiencies ruin your brand.

We are driven by data

Using the most advanced integrations available we provide the data to enhance every courier, freight and logistics decision needed.

“If you are going to enhance your logistics delivery, do it with data.”

Vincent m.

“It’s time to move the industry forward technologically, serve everyone and the environment.”

stephen m.

“You need to think exponentially not linearly to take advantage of technological opportunities.”

Gagandeep G.

Let’s work towards a better logistics solution

Integrate your business with Equipment Hunt’s Freight & Logistics partners to gain the competitive edge