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About Us

In logistics information system are key to success on time inventory management

Our Story

Equipment Hunt allows logistics buyers and sellers to interact virtually and achieve a mutually beneficial outcome across the a range of logistics services.

Our core principal is to offer buyers competitive price quotes across multiple products by allowing logistics provide to compete for one’s business.

Using our service allows customers to save time and money when making important business purchasing decisions.

How Do We help Buyers?

Equipment hunt allows buyers to connect to high quality sellers and compare quotes across a range of Transport, Freight and Logistics Solutions.

  • Our approach is guided by in-depth research performed by our team experts to provide buyers with up to date industry research papers, articles and news items so you can ensure you are making the most informed decision before making a purchase.
  • Fill in our short request form so we get a good understanding of your requirements and connect you to the most relevant logistics solutions.
  • Save Time and Money by comparing and selecting the best deals in the market.
  • If you are looking for other services like speech pathology or GA4 data analytics you can reach out to our sister companies Metric Labs and Speech and More.

We are driven by data

Using the most advanced integrations available we provide the data to enhance every courier, freight and logistics decision needed.

Super Efficient

As the cost of shipping freight, courier timelines and driver’s capacities are under growing strain, having the best options at your finger tips is the best way to remain competitive.

Deeply Committed

As the industry evolves so do we. It’s not longer enough to wait for Courier, Freight and Logistics players to leave their customers in the dark. We are committed to continue to expand our offerings to help every business.

Highly Skilled

With a team of web developers, data specialists and detail orientated stakeholders we aim to offer the best Courier, Freight and Shipping Solutions well beyond other competitors in the market.