cat-dozerThere are four small bulldozer types.  Cat small bulldozers emphasize manoeuvrability, versatility, the best speed, transportability, and accuracy of finishing grades.  The small ones are designed for residential building, grading and clearing.  They are great for back filling, sloping, and for the finishing touches, landscaping and building of driveways.


The five medium Cat dozers are recommended for all types of finishing work as well as mining.  In the 130-310 hp range, the emphasis is on top end power, control and delivering of exceptional production at a lower cost-per-yard.


There are four large bulldozers and six waste handlers.


Two each fall into the weight ranges of 10,000 to 10,000 kg, 30,000 to 75,000 kg and over 75,000 kg.


Flywheel power has two in the range of 125 to 250 horsepower and four have a greater than 250 horsepower.

Caterpillar emphasizes a wide range of solutions to help agriculture producers improve productivity and efficiency to maintain profit margins, along with Cat construction machines setting the industry standard, again, with an emphasis on success.

With respect to demo and scrap, Caterpillar emphasizes not only productivity but also, safety.

The company emphasizes a comprehensive line of forestry products from harvesting and loading machines to core machinery.

It boasts its own Caterpillar Governmental & Defense Products division.  And also focuses on time and decision-making enhancements with its latest tools and local resources for governments.

Backed by the responsive support and service of local Cat dealers, Cat machines help landscaping professionals take on more jobs and complete them faster.

Cat forklift material handling is a big application.

Cat mining, according to Cat, provides the broadest line of surface and underground equipment in the industry.  The company empasizes that they are backed by the people to serve every mining region in the world, dedicated to helping you achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.

Drilling, pumping, production and self-servicing answers for oil and gas applications are a Cat speciality.

Cat paving products offers a paving industry equipment, consulting, support and service and they provide pipeline solutions all over the world.

Cement, Aggregates and Quarry products work well in that industry.

The Cat product line of more than 300 machines company-wide shows increased focus on customer success including with our many bulldozer applications.


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