Joseph Cyril Bamford  (JCB), in 1945,  began using his engineering flair to invent new construction equipment.  JCB machines have been excellent examples of innovative thinking. With significant investment in R&D, production processes and customer care.

This special approach to building construction machinery helps explain how JCB continues to grow globally.   Although still a family business, JCB manufactures at 22 locations in the North America, Brazil, the UK, Germany, China, and India across six continents around the world.

JCB performed an industry first when it designed the backhoe loader in 1953, staying above the all others worldwide. 

The smallest JCB backhoe loader is the 1CX.  It is just 1.4 metres wide and due to its Skid Steer design, it can turn on its own axis, making it functional for almost any job environment.  It has a capability for full-side shifting and a universal quick hitch.

The 1CXT JCB backhoe all-new revolutionary gives you all the benefits of reduced ground pressure, for less collateral ground disturbance, superlative climbing, exceptional pushing power, unparalleled stability and improved soft ground performance.

Frankly, the 1CXT offers two machines in one, combining all the attributes of a 3 tonne small excavator and a compact track loader.

There is also a 2CX JCB backhoe, also a smaller backhoe, which has the standard quick hitch with a wide variety of attachments.  It has four-wheel steer and an “extradig” dipper for great performance.

The top of the line JCB 3CX and 5CX Ecos emphasize efficiency for typical duty cycle jobs.  Their In-seat servo controls provide versatility and flexibility.  There is up to a 25% fuel saving with TorqueLock along with EcoDig, EcoRoad, and EcoLoad systems designed to save even more. 

JCB’s new 3CX Compact tool carrier represents the latest in backhoe innovation.  It is designed to give you big performance in small areas, particularly in urban working and tight construction sites.  This is accomplished with switchable steering modes and a 16% tighter turning circle than a standard backhoe at 5.8m, allowing it to work in a single carriageway with maximum productivity. Ease of use, controllability and legendary JCB build quality is also standard on the 3CX Compact tool carrier.

The JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader is considered to be the world’s number one backhoe loader (along with the JCB 5CX). The 3CX responds to today’s rising fuel prices and environmental concerns with excellent efficiency and low running costs.

So be it typical idling, loading, driving, and excavating cycles, the 3CX JCB backhoe loader, when sporting a 68kw to 74kw Dieselmax engines, yields an average fuel saving of up to 16%.  Plus with extended time periods in between fuel fill ups, there are lower engine emissions and noise levels. Operating a 3CX Backhoe Loader at lower engine revs further reduces engine carbon emissions (by up to 15%) with less engine wear.   It further also extends intervals between refuelling for better on-the-job production.

There is more.  JCB’s EcoRoad technology is also fitted to the 3CX.   It promises to provide the highest efficiency and productivity levels possible when riding.  Featuring JCB’s patented TorqueLock technology (the world’s first lock-up torque converter fitted to a backhoe loader), EcoRoad reduces fuel consumption by up to 25%, yet increases both speed and working area by up to 10%.

Finally, the 5CX is the top-end model and largest of the JCB backhoe loader group and is, likely the most efficient in the world.  The EcoRoad, EcoDig and EcoLoad packages contribute towards an average fuel saving of up to 16%, to say nothing of lower noise and emissions levels.  The TorqueLock lock-up torque converter reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% when on the road along with the DieselMAX engines which, at low revs, produce high power and 6% higher torque.  It also has 4-wheel steer and crab steer in three steer modes.  It’s in-seat servo controls allow for more than usual working positions.

In typical idling, roading, excavating, loading, and idle cycles, the 5CX tractor backhoe, and its higher ground clearance and four same-sized wheels, it can navigate terrain like any other backhoe.  This, along with our most powerful 74.2 kW Dieselmax backhoe loader engine, it delivers an average fuel saving of up to 16%, plus lower noise and emissions levels.

We’ll start with yet more efficiency benefits of the JCB 5CX. Operating at lower engine revs reduces engine wear and carbon emissions (by up to 15%).  It also prolongs intervals between refuelling for better productivity.  In short, the JCB 5CX has best-in-class backhoe output moving more material per hour than anything else.

JCB EcoRoad technology is also fitted to the 5CX tractor backhoe, and it’s designed to provide the highest efficiency and productivity levels possible.  Featuring the patented TorqueLock technology, EcoRoad reduces fuel consumption by up to 25%, yet increases both speed and working area by up to 10%.  Also, it sports the Dieselmax powertrain for peak efficiency.


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