Kubota’s Backhoe Loader/Landscaper Series tractors are very versatile, merging power, compact or power utility size in this tractor/backhoe/loader group. 

Kubota Backhoe B26TLB

The versatile Kubota Backhoe B26TLB utility tractor is loaded with a 24.3 HP Kubota bachoes diesel engine combines a mix of high power, high torque rise, low noise, and low vibration, lending itself to cleaner emissions.  These features, coupled with 4 wheel drive, sloped loader arms and hood give the B26 enhanced visibility.

Easy to start on cold mornings, this high output, liquid-cooled engine will prove both dependable and durable for years to come. Kubota’s powerful, clean new engines feature a Common Rail direct-injection system that reduces emissions and increases fuel economy.

The “Integrated Main Frame” is reinforced and matched to the loader and the Kubota backhoe and is structured to handle the stress of any job.  For safety reasons, the spark arrestor muffler is mounted under the hood to ensure safety from dry grass or fields.

Newly installed seats are better cushioned and ergonomically designed with the engine start switch being moved to the right of the operator for convenience.

To give you the ability to take on bigger jobs, the lifting capacity of the B26’s Category I 3-point hitch is 1,676 lbs 24″ behind the lift points. This will allow you to attach a wider variety of implements and larger implements, making you more productive.

Kubota’s B26 backhoes have a hydraulic independent power take off (PTO) designed to keep stopping to a minimum because you can stay disengage the rear PTO without having to stop the unit.

Stock items on the B26 include the Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) and the Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) which has headlights and worklights which provide greater ground coverage at night with front and rear mounting, respectively.  The FOPS forms a canopy to protect your driver from snow and rain and other harm.

In addition, Hydrostatic Transmissions (HST) Plus’s automated control of the HST pump and drive motor yields extraordinary precision. The large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel gives you vital production information, while giving the standard maintenance indicators.


Kubota Backhoe L47

The Kubita L47 backhoes  slant nose hood design offers you a greater field of view, along with an integral main frame that will not transmit flex to the tractor chassis ensuring the tractor’s structural integrity.

The heavy-duty rear axle uses multiple wet-disc brakes for extended life.

A 17.7 gal. (67 liter) fuel tank lets you get more work done before refueling.

The L47’s FOPS/ROPS meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1926 1001/1003 and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 3471.

It also has three optional Remote Hydraulic Control Valves allowing a greater selection of hydraulically powered implements.


Kubota Backhoe M62TLD

Mounted on the deck for easier access, the Hydraulic Circuit-Switching Lever shuts off the oil flow to the backhoe when not in use.  The Throttle-Up Switch gives extra power increasing engine speed (rpm) without increasing other speed. 

The mechanical 2-Lever Quick Coupler (standard) or the optional hydraulic version allows for quick attachment of front implements with the touch of two buttons.

Kubota’s M62 backhoe has many of the L47’s features including:  slanted boom design; braceless frame; the Common Rail direct injection system; HST Plus Transmission; HST components; four wheel drive; HSS quality; four-wheel drive; LCD IntelliPanel; greater field of view over slanted hood; integrated mainframe; heavy-duty rear axle;  three point hitch (great lift capacity); large fuel tank; ISO and OSHA standard FOPS/ROPS; hydraulic oil shutoff to the backhoe; hydraulic circuit-switching lever; increased throttle-up rpms; quick coupler; slanted boom; and brace-less frame.

It also has an auto-leveling mechanism for the pallet fork and bucket, keeping them stable.  The M62 also has a bucket leveller indicator and a standard loader boom stopper that meets OSHA 1926.600 standards.  It also has an optional 3” function valve which makes changing out hydraulically operated attachments such as 4 in 1 buckets, augers, and rotary brooms more efficient.

The M62′ hydraulic system has a 3,960 lbs. lifting capacity and 10 ‘6″ lifting height.  The hydraulic hoses are routed through the M62’s loader boom for clearer operator views, as well as increased hose protection.


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