About Coyote Loader Sales

Coyote Loader Sales, Inc. is an American company that distributes and services heavy construction equipment. It offers products in the following categories: wheel loaders, swing loaders, articulated backhoe loaders, compact excavators, dumpers, self-propelled concrete mixers, hydraulic breakers, scissor lifts, tracked mini dumpers and skid loaders.

Coyote Loaders Sales was founded by Steve Kabay in 1984 to fill the gap left when Terex IBH closed up shop. Since then, Coyote has focused mainly on compact construction equipment. According to Coyote’s website:

“Kabay explained that many contractors are realizing that rather than paying for a large piece of equipment that stands idle much of the time, they can buy a compact for far less and run it continuously. Kabay also noted the advantages of compact equipment in its ease of transportation and because of the rising cost of fuel.”

Based in Hudson, Ohio, Coyote sells products and services throughout the United States, operating under the slogan: “Building a better world around you.” “Most stocked replacement parts can be shipped within 24 hours,” the company states. “Larger emergency replacement parts can be shipped from overseas within three days.”

Coyote’s flagship compact wheel track loader is the C170B, featuring a 1,500 pound lift capacity, Perkins diesel engine, hydraulic quick coupler and auxiliary hydraulics, and an overall weight of 3300 pounds.

Its fleet of compact excavators features 11 different models, with operating weights ranging from 1,676 to 17,636 pounds, maximum dig depths from 1.5 to 4.3 meters, and engine strengths from 7.4 to 74 HP.

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