Dingo Australia is an Australian company that specializes in the manufacture of mini diggers (aka mini loaders) and related attachments. It was established in 1992 in Dalby, Queensland.

The Dingo Mini Digger is available in four models: the K9-P, K9-D, K9-C and K9-R.

The K9-P is powered by a Kohler 23 hp petrol engine. Improvements over its predecessors include a superior cast chassis that provides greater lift height, increased lift capacity and greater power. Dingo states: “The K9-P is the ultimate no nonsense rugged Dingo combining some of the great features of the range topping K9-C with the tried & tested reliability of the ever popular All-Rounder.”

The K-9D is a heavier duty digger ideal for bigger and tougher jobs. Powered by a Yanmar 27 hp diesel engine, the K-9D has a 47 lpm hydraulic flow and a hydraulic relief of 3200 psi.

Dingo bills the K9-C as “the most powerful and capable mini digger ever created.” It has a Yanmar 27 hp diesel engine, three hydraulic pumps, a relief pressure of 3400 psi and a max travel speed of 9.5 km/h.

The K9-R, meanwhile, is designed for use in dangerous conditions. It is controlled remotely which enables it to be operated from a safe distance in smelters, factories and mines.

Per the company’s website:

“The Dingo is developed and built in Australia for Australian conditions. With a Dingo you will get a superior oversized Australian radiator, oversized air cleaners, locally available spares and a host of other features that we have developed over the past 25 years to make the Dingo work better in hot, dry Australian conditions.”

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