About Gradall Industries

Gradall Industries Inc. is an American manufacturer of excavators and other construction and industrial machinery. Headquartered in New Philadelphia, Ohio, Gradall produces a variety of specialized excavators including crossover highway speed excavators, highway speed excavators, rough terrain wheeled excavators and crawler excavators.

It also manufactures steel mill, aluminum mill and railway maintenance machines, mine scalers, and numerous attachments.

Gradall began in 1925 when two brothers, Ray and Koop Ferwerda, founded the Ferwerda Brothers Construction Co. and started building roads and bridges, installing water and sewer lines, and preparing sites for construction projects.

The first Gradall branded excavator was designed and manufactured in 1944. Ever since, Grandall has been consistently improving and innovating its excavator line. In 1946 the company, then a subsidiary of Warner & Swasey Co., introduced the M-2400, its first telescopic boom excavator. The M-2400 was replaced two years later with the M-2460.

Eleven years later, in 1959, Gradall unveiled the G-1000, a new line of excavators that included a “fast change attachment” feature.

The G-600, released in 1962, featured improved productivity and operator comfort, as well as optional remote control of the truck chassis. The following year came the G-600 crawler, with hydraulic powered undercarriage side-frames.

In 1966 Gradall manufactured the G-800, a landmark design upon which its future excavators would be based. The G-660C and G-880C, introduced in 1981, were the first to use Gradall’s “variable flow” hydraulic system and joystick controls.

Gradall’s most powerful G-660 machine, the G660E, was built in 2007.

2015 marked the birth of the Gradall Series V, which saw a transition to more efficient Tier 4F Volvo engines, satisfying the latest U.S. EPA emissions regulations.

In June 2016, Gradall celebrated completion of its 20,000th excavator. Company President Mike Haberman was on hand to witness the event.

“Today is an important day as we look back on the history of Gradall, and look forward to the next 20,000 machines manufactured here,” he said. “I truly believe if you allow the American worker the ability, they will drive efficiency. They will drive quality and innovation. And those things drive jobs.”

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