Hino Motors, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles and diesel engines based in Tokyo, Japan. A subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, the company specializes in the design and production of light, medium and heavy duty trucks for various applications. Divided into three main categories—cab-over, conventional and XL Series—Hino’s fleet consists of 14 different truck models.

Since its founding in 1942, Hino has grown into the third largest truck manufacturer in the world. “In fact,” the company writes on its official website, “chances are, if you've ever ridden public transport in Australia, Japan, New Zealand or Korea, you were probably on a Hino Bus."

Hino is also the fastest growing truck manufacturer in the United States, with facilities in the states of California, Michigan, Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia, as well as Ontario, Canada. Since 2017, Hino’s US headquarters has been located in Novi, Michigan. Also in 2017, Hino announced a new assembly plant in Mineral Wells, West Virginia, set to begin operations in early 2019.

The company states:

“As we continue to build America’s premier medium duty truck brand we’re also growing our team and our infrastructure. Our current nationwide corporate footprint now spans five states with 9 facilities and over 1,000 people.  We’re very proud of our growing business and dealer network in the United States and look forward to even more expansion in the future.”

Every Hino brand truck now comes equipped with the company’s patented INSIGHT technology, which provides telematics, remote diagnostics and case management assistance. The fully integrated system enhances efficiency and productivity while decreasing downtime and operational costs.

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