Hydrema is a Danish company that develops, manufactures and markets articulated dump trucks and other earth-moving and mine clearing equipment. The company’s philosophy is: “To develop, manufacture and sell hydraulic machinery of high quality at a reasonable price.”

Hydrema was established in 1959 as part of an engineering firm that produced hydraulic excavating and loading machines. Soon the company’s first excavating unit—“The Phantom”—was built, a machine designed to replace the shovel. Hydrema expanded and branched out in the 1960s, relocating its headquarters from Aalborg to Støvring, where it is still based.

Hydrema began producing dump trucks in 1983, and in 1996 it unveiled its first mine clearing vehicle—the Hydrema MCV 910.

Currently, Hydrema is “Denmark’s only manufacturer of large earth-moving machinery and equipment.”

The company counts as its core values professionalism, flexibility, drive, commitment and energy.

Hydrema’s product line includes dump trucks, backhoe loaders, excavators, rail vehicles and mine clearing vehicles. The company offers five dump truck models. Its 922F series has the highest power to weight ratio and the lowest unladen weight on the market.

“The 922F Series is the obvious choice for soft, muddy terrain or for areas with sensitive ground conditions where the lowest possible ground pressure is required,” the company states.

Hydrema produces three wheeled excavators: “The MX14, MX16 and MX18 are extremely compact compared to their competitors in the same weight class. The MX series works effectively even in confined spaces, such as narrow streets, busy roads and other areas with limited space.”

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