About KATO Works

KATO Works is a Japanese construction equipment manufacturer and the parent company of US-based IHI Construction Machinery Ltd. KATO works with IHI to distribute mini excavators and other products to North and South America.

Available in both diesel and electric, IHI mini excavators “are exceptional for work in a confined place and can out-perform larger, more expensive machines in construction work, landscaping and pipe-laying. With zero-tail-swing and quick, easy setup and mobility, the IHI Mini Excavator not only out-performs other mini excavators, compact excavators and backhoes, it does so with outstanding digging force and cycle time.”

IHI Compact Excavator Sales began producing excavators in 1994. In 2016, IHI Construction Machinery Ltd., which supplied parts and machinery to the Compact Excavator division, was acquired by KATO Works, a company that dates back to 1895.

“IHI produced compact sized equipment along with tracked-crawler dump trucks, and rubber track cranes making it the perfect match for the full line of large construction equipment that KATO Works currently produces today,” the company website states. "With the acquisition of IHI Construction Machinery Limited (A small division of IHI) by KATO Works, CES, or Compact Excavator Sales will now partner with The KATO Group to distribute mini excavators, compact track loaders, rubber tired skid-steers, and crawler carriers to North and South America.”

Per IHI Compact Excavator Sales Owner Mike Smith: “All in all, there couldn’t have been a better pairing between IHI and KATO Works.”

KATO’s own fleet of machines includes rough terrain cranes, city-range cranes, all terrain cranes, truck cranes, crawler cranes, excavators, crawler carriers, earth boring rigs, vacuum trucks, and street and snow sweepers. Its sprawling network of dealers can be found in more than 50 countries.

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