Isuzu Motors Ltd. is a global Japanese designer and manufacturer of commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Its product line features heavy, medium and light duty trucks, heavy and medium duty buses, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, and industrial and marine engines.

Isuzu was established in Tokyo in 1916, making it one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in Japan. Its domestic models include the EFL light duty truck, FORWARD medium duty truck, GIGA heavy duty truck, GALA tour bus and ERGA route bus.

Internationally, Isuzu’s products are marketed as N-Series (light duty), F-Series (medium duty) and C&E Series (heavy duty). It is also known globally for its D-MAX 1-ton pickup truck and mu-X passenger pickup vehicle.

Altogether, Isuzu’s product line offers seventeen different truck models: four in the heavy duty category, seven in the medium duty category, and six in the light duty category. N-Series (light duty) trucks are available in standard cab, wide cab, wide cab 4WD and crew cab.

Isuzu’s diesel engines, which it has been building since the 1930s, are used in vehicles around the world by some of the industry’s leading companies, including General Motors in the United States.

Isuzu has subsidiary companies in Turkey, Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK, South Africa, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and East Africa. Its vast network of distributors spans the entire globe.

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