About Komatsu Ltd.

Komatsu Ltd. is a Japan-based manufacturer of construction, mining and forestry equipment, as well as industrial and tunneling machinery and forklift trucks (both electric and internal combustion). Komatsu is the second largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment in the world, Caterpillar being the first.

In the construction category it offers hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks, mini excavators, electric rope shovels, continuous miners, motor graders and a variety of parts and attachments.

In June 2008, Komatsu introduced the world’s first hybrid hydraulic excavator, with an eye to enhanced fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions. In general, Komatsu hydraulic excavators are “suitable for excavating tightly packed earth and used for a wide range of land excavation such as civil engineering, pipe jacking and mining.” Moreover, minimal rear-swing radius models are on offer for work in confined areas.

Komatsu’s line of forestry equipment includes harvesters, forwarders and feller bunchers.

“Centering on Komatsu Forest AB, a wholly owned subsidiary in Umeå , Sweden, Komatsu manufactures forest machines to meet local needs at strategic manufacturing bases worldwide,” the company’s website states. “Specifically, tire-type forest models (harvesters and forwarders) are produced in Umeå, Sweden, and crower-type models (feller bunchers and harvesters), in Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S.A.”

In terms of recycling equipment, the company produces mobile crushers, mobile soil recyclers and mobile wood tub grinders.

It also manufactures diesel engines, axles and casting products.

Komatsu was established in 1921 and is currently headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With over 220 subsidiary companies, it maintains manufacturing facilities throughout Asia, North America, South America and Europe. It also has major supply operations in Australia.

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