About Link-Belt

Link-Belt is an American manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, specializing in cranes. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Link-Belt is based in Lexington, Kentucky. Its product line includes a wide selection of cranes for all applications, and is broken down into the following categories: rough terrain, telescopic truck, truck terrain, all terrain, lattice crawlers, lattice trucks and telescopic crawlers.

Link-Belt also manufactures excavators and other constructions machinery under the brand name LBX, also headquartered in Lexington. LBX offers four series of excavators, two series of forestry equipment, as well as material handling, work tools and used equipment.

According to the company, the new X4-series excavators “offer greater digging power, increased lift capacities, faster cycle times and better fuel economy. A straightforward, two-step after-treatment process provides 100% Final Tier 4 compliance across all models, with no costly DPF to worry about.”

The X4 includes LBX’s new patented UltiFlow System, which features a propriety control valve with “30 percent larger oil and control spools.” Employing a series of sophisticated sensors that monitor workload and regulate hydraulic pressure, UltiFlow enhances “power and precision across all work modes with up to 8 percent faster cycle times.”

Link-Belt’s history began in 1874, when a farm tools dealer named Dana Ewart invented a chain belt with detachable links that could be maintained in the field. The company has been innovating ever since, introducing hydraulic-powered cranes in 1936 and, in 1954, producing the hugely successful LS-98.

Link-Belt merged with the FMC Corporation in 1967 and began manufacturing excavators and other construction equipment. In the 1980s, Linnk-Belt shifted its focus onto cranes, creating LBX as a stand-alone construction equipment company.

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