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About Rhino Equipment

Rhino Equipment is an American manufacturer of heavy equipment for the construction, demolition, mining and power generation sectors. The company’s product line features excavators, backhoe loaders, articulated trucks, wheel loaders, track loaders, skid steers, bulldozers, wheel dozers and forklifts, among others. Rhino also offers more than 20 attachments, as well as genuine parts and service.

According to the company’s website, “Rhino Equipment is the result of the collaboration of various private equity business groups with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing, production, and commercialization of machines for construction, demolition, mining, and power generation with applications and acceptance around the globe.”

Rhino offers 13 different excavator models in the compact, midsize and large tonnage classes. For example, the REX10 has a 18 hp engine, 4,200 kg operating weight and a maximum digging depth of 1.9 meters, while the REX700 boasts a 354 hp engine,  70,000 kg operating weight and maximum digging depth of 7.2 meters.

All Rhino excavators include a high-efficiency “on-demand” cooling system, advanced multifunction monitor, various productivity modes, ergonomic levers and standard multi-surface rubber tracks.

“The Rhino excavator is the solution to meet today´s requirements in high performance, maximum uptime, and low cost operation. Designed to keep you competitive, these excavators let you finish the job faster and put more profit in your pocket.

“Industry leading fuel efficiency, ergonomic work environment, more comfortable for the operator. New cab design creates a safer work environment. Environmentally friendly—low emission levels, low noise, and more than 95% of the machine is recyclable.”

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