Scania AB is a Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Its range of products includes heavy duty trucks, buses and coaches, and engines for industrial, power generation and marine applications. It also offers used vehicles. Scania has sales and services locations in more than 100 countries, employing nearly 50,000 workers.

“Our success is based on the core values – Customer first, Respect for the individual, Elimination of waste, Determination, Team Spirit and Integrity,” the company writes on its website. “They reflect our journey towards a more sustainable future and a role in the ecosystem, as well as our position within the TRATON GROUP. These values will continue to be integral to the way we run our company, building a global leadership in sustainable transport.”

Scania was established in 1891. Since 1912 its headquarters has been located in Södertälje, an industrial city 30 kilometers outside of Stockholm. Scania is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Before the Volkswagen takeover, both Volvo and MAN unsuccessfully attempted to buy out Scania.

Scania has a widespread global presence, with production plants in France, Finland, Holland, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Argentina and India.

Scania manufactures trucks for long-haul, distribution and construction applications—it also offers a selection of special purpose trucks. Its line of buses is divided into two categories: city/suburban and intercity/coach. Scania’s services sector includes genuine parts, workshop services, driver services, fleet management and rental services.

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