UD Trucks

UD Trucks Corporation (formerly Nissan Diesel) is a Japan-based manufacturer of commercial vehicles, primarily diesel trucks and buses. It also produces bus chassis and a range of special purpose vehicles. In 2007 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volvo Group. Its headquarters are in the Japanese city of Ageo.

UD Trucks was founded in in Tokyo in 1935. Three years later it completed production of its first diesel engine, the two-cylinder 60-horsepower ND1. In 1955 UD unveiled three new diesel engines. One of these, the six-cylinder 230-horsepower UD6, was 40 percent lighter than previous engines, making it one of the world’s lightest in terms of weight per horsepower.

UD continued to innovate and revolutionize the diesel engine/truck industry throughout the 20th century, gradually shifting focus from power to efficiency.

In 2004 it released its flagship truck model, the Quon. “While integrating engine technologies, electronic technologies and eco-friendly technologies accumulated by the company, [the Quon] also significantly boosted environmental performance and fuel economy via the world’s first selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system called FLENDS (Final Low Emission New Diesel System).”

In addition to the Quon, UD’s truck line features six different series models: New Quester, Quester, Condor, Croner, Kazet and Kuzer.

UD also offers genuine parts and services, including road support and mobile workshop, as well as telematics and financial services.

The company’s large network of distributors spans Asia, Oceania, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and includes more than 60 countries.

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