Vermeer Corporation is an American company that manufactures machinery for a range of markets including agriculture, fluid management, utility installation, surface mining, pipeline, recycling, tree care and wood waste.

Vermeer began in 1948 as a small one-man shop and has since grown into a globally-renowned brand. It maintains headquarters in Iowa, where it has seven production sites. In addition to the United States, Vermeer maintains facilities in Holland, Canada, China, Germany, Singapore and Brazil. It employs nearly 3,000 workers worldwide and has dealers in more than 60 countries.

As Vermeer states on its website, its “yellow iron takes its place on jobsites in 10 different markets around the world…. Listening to customer challenges has been core to our success since our founding. As a result of those ongoing conversations, Vermeer has developed hundreds of products, carefully calculated and crafted, tried and tested, all to serve customers in a progressing world.”

Vermeer prides itself on its innovation. It produced its first horizontal directional drill in the 1990s. “This technology helped quickly install the network of fiber needed to support the dot-com boom.” Vermeer’s patented Terrain Leveler surface excavation machines were introduced at the turn of the 21st century and are now used all over the world for surface mining applications.

Other Vermeer products include balers, disc mowers, mini skid steers, pile drivers, pipeline trenchers, brush chippers, stump cutters and horizontal grinders. The company also offers tooling and accessories, asset protection services and damage defense systems.

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