About Yanmar Co. Ltd.

Yanmar Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that manufactures diesel engines, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, cogeneration systems, generators and power products. Its wide-ranging product line includes excavators, wheel loaders, carriers, tractors, tillers, rice transplanters and combine harvesters, in addition to numerous parts and accessories.

Yanmar was established in 1912 as Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho, which began by producing gas engines. In 1921 the company was rebranded as Yanmar, the same year it introduced its first horizontal oil engine. It began manufacturing diesel engines in the 1930s, adopting the slogan: “To conserve fuel is to serve mankind.”

By the 1970s the company had expanded its operations to Indonesia and Thailand. In 1971 Yanmar produced its first mini excavator, the YB600. “Since then,” the company states on its website, “Yanmar always has taken the lead in the industry by continuous improvement and innovation of new technologies.”

Today Yanmar offers two series of excavators: “VIO” and “SV.” The “VIO” models are zero tail swing, while the “SV” models are minimal tail swing.

The 1980s saw Yanmar produce its 5 millionth horizontal water-cooled diesel engine and launch a series of gas heat pump air conditioning systems. It also expanded to Europe, establishing a facility in the Netherlands.

Yanmar’s 10 millionth diesel engine was manufactured in 1992 and, in 1998, Yanmar Manufacturing America Corporation was established. The following year it opened a factory in China.

The company’s construction division, Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd., was established in 2004.

As of 2018, Yanmar maintains offices and production facilities in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Holland, Sweden, France, Spain, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.

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