Will All Leads Covert Into a Sale?

11 Jun, 2018 | | 0

Like any lead, not all will convert into sales. However we have a rigorous qualification program which reduces the likelihood of false positives, unmotivated participants or ‘window shoppers’. We have a team of customer representative who physically call each and every lead to discuss their needs in-depth.

We discuss:

  • Urgency – How soon does the customer want the product.
  • Technical specs – What machinery does the customer want and of what specifications.
  • Brand Preference – Is there a specific brand the customer prefers.
  • Budget – Does the customer have sufficient budget.
  • Location – Where is the customer located.
  • Personal Information – What is the customers full name, email and phone number.

This qualification program reduces the probability ‘non-sale’ leads, ultimately making your job easier and more efficient. Try these leads today and see how well it works for your business.