JCB Partner with Rolls Royce on Excavator Engine Deal

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Rolls-Royce’s MTU has announced that it is upgrading its productivity, performance, as well as the fuel efficiency, of their J.C. Banford Excavators, Limited (JCB) machines with the installation of Tier 4 Final diesel engines. Specifically, the affected machines are the JS300, JS330, and JS370, their heavier crawler excavators.

Tier 4 refers to requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other air toxins from newer, non-road diesel engines.

In addition, the six-cylinder MTU 6R1000, which has been successfully used in JCB’s 457, its largest wheel loader, will now be used in the JS300, JS330, and JS370.

Engine Specifications include a highly efficient, turbocharged and intercooled powerplant that will deliver both 180kW (241 hp) and 210kW (281 hp) in the JS330 and JS370 models.

Notably, relative to environmental concerns, these machines will incorporate selective catalytic reduction (SCR) within the exhaust system, with dosing of a urea-based diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to reduce NOx emissions by almost 90%.

The MTU engine meets Tier 4 Final requirements without adding a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This presents cost, maintenance and repair savings for the customer, as well as fuel savings up to 10% on the JS370 and 5% on the JS300 and JS350.

Another advantage to customers is that their operators will only need to top off the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank with every third tank of diesel fuel and just to be sure, there is a warning system incorporated within the JS excavators’ main monitor.

In another cost and time-savings advantage, JCB says that by upgrading the engine to the MTU, the number of fuel filters is down from three to two and a fuel shut-off tap fitting makes service work easier.

Continuing on with this amazing set of upgrades, an ultra-web nano-fibre technology fuel filter has been incorporated into the JS line. This power core unit has increased dust-holding capability. It has three-fold increased efficiency over a pleated filter by offering increased air flow. It is more durable and can be fitted with a scavenger pre-cleaner so there is no requirement for a vacuator valve.

There is improved access because there is a new single-piece canopy and an extended lower step as part of a two-tier toolbox. The bottom tier provides access to a standard refuelling pump with the upper section containing the DEF/AdBlue filter.

Always looking toward optimal safety, there are tread plates on the steps and the upper structure, as well as a standard riser handrail, side handrail, and kickplates. There are optional full-surround “boxing ring” handrails.

An optional add on (currently available on JCB’s heavy duty XD demolition specification machines) is the Side Impact Protection Systems (SIPS) with its box-section design integral to providing an additional barrier to protect core components. There are other options available, including “seatbelt in use” green lights on the larger JS models. Also, a Plus Pack is available for all three excavator models, including an operator seat, radio, footrests and T-bar tracking levers in the cab. Outside the units, the Plus Pack would provide decals on the floor, the previously mentioned scavenger pre-cleaner, six LED work lights, and a rain guard. There would also be a black revolving frame.




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