65 percent of Hino medium duty trucks sold in Australia equipped with Allison Automatics transmissions

26 Oct, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
65 percent of Hino medium duty trucks sold in Australia equipped with Allison Automatics transmissions

Hino Motors has announced that 65 percent of all new Hino 500 series standard cab trucks sold in Australia are equipped with Allison Transmission fully automatic transmissions. Allison Transmission is the world’s largest producer of automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles; it also provides electric hybrid propulsion systems.

Daniel Petrovski, Hino Australia’s manager of product strategy, explained why so many customers are turning to Allison Automatics.

“Customers are voting with their feet and switching to full automatics because there is no penalty in fuel consumption or performance. In fact the automatic accelerates faster in traffic situations and delivers better travel times in heavy city traffic,” Petrovski said, according to Business Wire.

He added that the growing demand for automatic transmissions does not come as a surprise to Hino:

“We did forecasts a decade ago which predicted that around 80 percent of medium duty trucks would be automatics by 2019, and it looks like we will come close to meeting that figure. The trend is continuing to grow in this direction.

“Across all of our models there has been a trend towards automatics. The Hino 500 Series in particular has a high demand for automatics and it was a conscious decision to choose Allison. Vocational applications prefer a true automatic and Allison is the best solution, particularly in the 350 horsepower and below rating.”

Robert Cavagnino, Manager, Sales and Marketing with Allison Transmission in Australia, said the current trends attest to the effectiveness of his company’s close collaboration with Hino.

“We’ve worked closely with Hino to match the six-speed automatic to their new 500 Series standard cab models, as we did in previous models,” he said. “The performance is a great example of our close engineering collaboration.”

Cavagnino went on to describe the aspects of Allison Automatics that appeal to customers:

“Allison Automatics have a proven track record and deliver smooth shifts with uninterrupted power, and that has a lot of appeal for truck buyers in this market. The increasingly difficult task of sourcing skilled drivers has meant many distribution fleets operating in urban areas have experienced added costs and reduced productivity that come with having to change clutches and other driveline components in manual trucks.”