ASV reaches agreement with Australian manufacturer Schibeci

29 Dec, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
ASV reaches agreement with Australian manufacturer Schibeci

ASV Holdings, through its brand Loegering, has formed a partnership with Schibeci, a specialty equipment manufacturer based in Australia. Under the agreement, Loegering will offer its North American customers a selection of innovative skid-steer and compact track loader attachments manufactured and exported by Schibeci, under the name Loegering Power Attachments. ASV states that the loader attachments will be co-branded with Schibeci.

Included in the new line of products are milling and grinding attachments designed for use in construction, roadwork and flooring applications. Specifically, Loegering will offer the ST600 and ST1000 asphalt milling attachments, the Polyplaner 300 and 600 grinding attachments, and the Power Profiler 2500 and 2500R concrete milling attachments.

According to ASV, “The ST600 and ST1000 are versatile attachments that give contractors in the construction and roadwork industries the ability to complete milling and stabilizing applications with the same tool. The Polyplaner 300 and 600 are single head grinders ideal for surface removal, including road markings and trip hazard removal. The Power Profiler 2500 and 2500R are designed for bulk removal of concrete, ceramic tiles and epoxy mortar toppings.”

Justin Rupar, vice president of sales and marketing for ASV, said ASV is proud to bring Schibeci’s innovative products to its American customers.

“This new opportunity is beneficial to everyone involved,” he said. “Schibeci attachments are well known in the Australian market as being top of the line, innovative products. We’re excited to bring that innovation to North America as we expand the Loegering product line to give customers more opportunities to solve problems and make their jobs easier.”

Likewise, Tony Schibeci, director of Schibeci, is looking forward to expanding his business to the US market.

“Our agreement with Loegering will make it easy for customers to get to know our brand on a local level in North America,” he said. “We’re eager to grow the brand with Loegering as we enter markets where we haven’t previously had a main focus.”