Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML), India’s largest manufacturer of mining and construction equipment, recently introduced the country’s first 150T electric drive rear dump truck.

The innovative new machine will help satisfy India’s rapidly growing demand for higher capacity equipment in the mining industry.

BEML unveiled the 150T Dump Truck on 15 August and declared that it will be dispatched to the coal fields of South Eastern Coal Fields Ltd., for use in the Gevra Project.

The Gevra Project was launched in accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” initiative, which urges companies to manufacture their products in India.

Chairman and Managing Director of BEML, Deepak Kumar Hota, said:

“This innovative product not only showcases the technical prowess of BEML but also is qualitatively comparable to any global brand of its kind. The product has significant features like high power performance, enhanced productivity, increased reliability, excellent serviceability, exceptional maneuverability, superior operating comfort and improved safety.

“The launch of this higher capacity dump truck will surely put BEML in a select band of companies globally. It helps not only in saving foreign exchange as an import substitution, but also the lead time in delivery of the equipment at site and life cycle service support would improve considerably.”

The 150T is powered by an economical, emission-certified engine, the electronic fuel management system of which furnishes maximum power. The truck also features a unique propulsion system that provides consistent performance on steep gradients and across various terrains.

Founded in 1964, BEML is the second-largest manufacturer of earth-moving equipment in all of Asia.