Bis deploys Rexx hauler at Western Australia mining site

25 Oct, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Bis deploys Rexx hauler at Western Australia mining site

Bis’ flagship haul truck, Rexx, is now being used for mining operations managed by Griffin Coal in Collie Basin, Western Australia, as it continues to prove itself one of the leading machines in the hauling sector. In fact, the rollout of Rexx has been so successful, and the truck has received such positive feedback from operators, that Bis is already planning to introduce Rexx Two in early 2020.

“We have been absolutely rapt with the performance of Rexx. It continues to tick the boxes that it was specifically designed for including range, fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability and conquering gradients. We look forward to our second Rexx truck starting work on the east coast in the near future,” Bis CEO Brad Rogers said, according to International Mining. “We are very proud that the initial design has proven to be on the money. We are also finalising several Rexx opportunities for miners in Australia and Indonesia, which will start to fill the manufacturing pipeline.”

Rogers went on to explain that Rexx was designed and engineered with a wide range of mining applications in mind, among other things.

“Different commodities have different characteristics and each mine has its own context in terms of conditions or layout. Rexx was designed to accommodate a range of interchangeable bins to suit different commodities, as well as loading tools and tipping situations,” he said, adding, “We look at the needs of our customers, the specific challenges they face and then develop solutions. Rexx was born out of the need to evolve in pit haulage with a sharp focus on agility, range and cost effectiveness.”

Powered by a Dual Powered Cummins QSX-15 engine Rexx has a 14.3m length, 4.9m height, 4.8m width; it has a gross weight of 70 tonnes and a payload capacity of 170 tonnes.

Learn more about this groundbreaking machine at Bis’ website.