Bis Wins Award For Rexx, its New Off-Road Hauler

2 Apr, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Bis Wins Award For Rexx, its New Off-Road Hauler

Bis, an Australian mining services company, is the recipient of The Future of Mining 2019 Innovation Award for its newest off-road mining hauler, known as Rexx.

Bis CEO Brad Rogers said the award reflects his company’s dedication to applying innovative technology to its growing fleet of vehicles.

“At Bis we are constantly searching for better ways to deliver safe, efficient and flexible solutions for our customers, all while being at the forefront of innovation,” Rogers said. “It was this mindset that led to Rexx.”

He continued:

“What our engineering team have delivered in Rexx is exceptional. They can be proud to say they have been instrumental in creating a real game changer for mine haulage.”

Designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, Rexx is reportedly able to haul a 160-ton payload for 35 kilometers at a normal operating speed of 60km/h. It employs a cutting-edge steering system that allows for a turning circle of 13.6 meters—ideal for work in tight, confined areas.

Safety concerns were at the forefront of the engineering process. In addition to Bis’ fatigue management system, Rexx features 360-degree view cameras as well as reversing cameras, all with a view to improving operator safety.

All things considered, Rexx represents a leap forward in the off road haulage industry.

“At Bis, we are driven by bringing technology and innovation to our customers to deliver real value,” Rogers said. “We are very excited about the opportunity that Rexx creates for a whole range of mining operations in Australia and internationally.”