Bobcat Releases Rear Camera Kit for Skid Steer and Compact Loaders

19 Jun, 2018 | posted in: News | 0
Bobcat Releases Rear Camera Kit for Skid Steer and Compact Loaders

Bobcat has unveiled a Rear Camera Kit which can be retrofitted to its skid steer and compact loaders. The new technology is designed to eliminate blind spots, providing operators with a continuous rear view of the machine in order to prevent contact with obstacles that could damage the loader and its components.

Developed specifically with Bobcat’s compact loaders in mind, the Rear Camera Kit system is activated when the ignition is turned on and functions as the loader moves in both forward and reverse.

The system’s display is integrated into the loader to protect it against over- and under-voltage, ripples, spikes, load dumps and other hazards. The kit is also shock and vibration resistant, and comes fitted with heavy-duty metal housing and a rubber backlit keypad.

The system features a 4.3-inch LCD color monitor with an LED backlit anti-glare, scratch-resistant screen.

Internal heaters act to prevent condensation, snow and ice from gathering on the camera lens, providing operators with a clear view in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, various screen and camera settings work to enhance the display image for optimal viewing in both light and dark conditions.

The camera provides a 118-degree horizontal viewing angle and an 89-degree vertical viewing angle.

The kit is compatible with any Bobcat M-Series or newer loader model. Customers can order a Rear Camera Kit through Bobcat Parts and visit their local Bobcat dealer to have it installed in two hours or less. Alternatively, users can choose  to install the kit themselves.