Bobcat to release new class of articulated loader next year

30 Nov, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Bobcat to release new class of articulated loader next year

Never complacent, Bobcat will soon introduce its first small articulated loader, aka SAL.The new line, expected to be available in early 2020, will reportedly include two models—the L23 and L28.

Doosan Bobcat president Mike Ballweber said the move made perfect sense from a business and marketing standpoint.

“We looked at this space and we knew there was a big opportunity,” said Ballweber, according to Equipment Journal. “And we also looked at it as a key pillar for us to expand the compact equipment portfolio.”

The new class of Bobcat loaders will be ideal machines for relatively small applications like landscaping and tree and facility maintenance. They are being marketed as a missing link between other loader machines that can complete tasks in a more efficient, less time consuming manner.

“It fits in between a small track loader up to the small skid steer loader,” explained Marty Miller, Bobcat’s product specialist for small articulated loaders. “It’s kind of the machine in between. It fills a gap that we may be missing. It’s a tool carrier concept in a smaller concept size.”

The L23 and L28 come with a 25hp engine, while the latter machine has a telescopic boom extending up to 60cm; this enables the loader to reach heights of 2.6 metres. Owing to their small size, the SALs can fit easily into confined work areas like a backyard and are able to transport materials without causing damage to the ground.

“It makes it a little more versatile for such a small compact machine,” Miller said, adding, “And you’re not going to tear up the ground. It has a nice light footprint.”

He continued:

“For guys that are in the snow removal business in the winter, and landscape in the summer, it’s a multipurpose machine. It’s a nice machine that can do a lot of different things in the field. This thing can turn sharp corners and get into tight areas and maneuver around pretty much any obstacle.”