Camso expands range of non-marking indoor tires for various applications

30 Nov, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Camso expands range of non-marking indoor tires for various applications

Camso Inc., an innovative manufacturer of tires, tracks, conversion track systems and OEM undercarriages for the material handling, construction and agricultural industries, announced the release its two latest indoor tire models: the RES Xtreme NMAS and PON 550 NM.

The new models are designed specifically for indoor applications and to meet the growing demand for non-marking tires.

“As more operations have moved indoors and require cleaner working environments, non-marking tires have become an imperative for approximately 30% of forklift applications,” said Thierry Miche, product line executive director for material handling at Camso, according to Modern Tire Dealer. Miche added:

“When combined with a rise in rental applications and a growing trend in electric forklifts, it’s no surprise that the demand for performing non-marking solutions is increasing. As a leader in the industry, we want to offer solutions that tackle new challenges as they arise.”

In promoting the RES Xtreme NMAS, Camso emphasizes the following advantages. A wide tread profile that increases lateral load stability and is safer in high-lift and cornering situations; a continuous center lug that reduces vibrations and increases operator comfort; a patented anti-static technology that prevents static electricity build-up to reduce hazards; and a wear indicator that ensures maximum utilization.

As for the PON 550 NM, Camso writes:

“Enhanced non-marking natural rubber compound ensures clean working environment, low rolling resistance and improved thermal performance. Its wide profile, flat footprint and proven tread pattern design provide maximum stability and traction. Especially designed to provide maximum lifespan for medium intensity applications requiring non-marking press-on tires.”

Other new models include the PON 555 NM, touted as a “non-marking [tire] with maximum life for medium intensity applications,” and the PON 775 NMAS, “engineered to prevent static shocks in high intensity applications.”