Companies to Adopt Innovative VR Forklift Training Technology

6 Sep, 2018 | posted in: News | 0
Companies to Adopt Innovative VR Forklift Training Technology

Wisconsin Lift Truck and Illinois Material Handling, two forklift suppliers based in the United States and both subsidiaries of Wolter Group LLC, are expanding their safety training portfolio to include virtual reality forklift simulators, designed to be used in customer training courses. The two companies are the first authorized distributors of Really-Virtual Consulting (RVC).

Headquartered in Yorba Linda, California, RVC provides forklift simulation solutions; its Real-Forklift employs VR goggles, to create “an immersive experience using virtual reality training and motion simulation. Real-Forklifts are configurable to replicate most counterbalance forklifts currently on the market.”

“Our customers find it most important to be able to educate forklift operators while in a hazard-free environment and allow as much practice as needed before getting behind the wheel of the real thing,” Tony Parsons, operator training manager of Wolter Group, explained. “Not only is it a safer solution, virtual reality forklift training is multi-sensory (which serves to) increase retention while minimising the time required to train.”

Companies have the option to purchase or rent full forklift simulator units or portable desktop models. Rentals are available per day, week or month, or on a long-term basis.

Kristin Lelewicz, Wolter Group chief marketing officer, said: “We’ve had customers rent simulators to support company safety events or to enhance continued education and training meetings.  Were excited to be able to provide the latest technology and solutions to ensure customers continued safe materials handling operation.”

According to RVC’s website, the innovative company aims to “create immersive and experiential forklift training that doesn’t just teach you how to respond to an event, but to experience the event and learn from those experiences in a risk-free environment.”