DHL to Introduce New LNG-Fueled Long Haul Truck

25 Mar, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
DHL to Introduce New LNG-Fueled Long Haul Truck

DHL Freight, a road freight service provider and a division of the world’s largest logistics company, recently announced that it is partnering with BMW Group to introduce a liquefied natural gas-powered long-haul truck that will be able to tow a mega trailer.

As part of a year-long trial period, the truck, which is manufactured by Iveco, will make daily trips back and forth between DHL’s logistics center and a BMW Group factory in the south of Germany.

Uwe Brinks, CEO of DHL Freight, emphasized the importance of combining mega trailers, which have greater loading height and better fuel efficiency than traditional trailers, with the relatively clean energy of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

“The combination of LNG truck and mega trailer is a promising sustainable solution for automotive logistics,” Brinks said. “We are able to meet the customer’s transport requirements in the best possible way, while also significantly reducing greenhouse-gas emissions along the supply chain.

“The increase in fuel efficiency and proven reduction of harmful emissions that comes with using natural gas help to make long-distance road transport more sustainable.”

According to DHL, trucks fueled by LNG improve fuel economy by 15 percent over conventional diesel-powered trucks. Moreover, they emit 99 percent less particulate matter and 70 percent less nitrogen oxide than is required by Euro VI diesel standards. LNG-powered trucks are also far quieter than their diesel-powered counterparts.