Hyundai introduces new midsize commercial truck

31 Aug, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Hyundai introduces new midsize commercial truck

Hyundai Motor Group unveiled two new commercial vehicles at its Hyundai Truck & Bus Business fair at KINTEX on August 29. Revealed for the first time were the Pavise—a midsize truck—and the County EV—an electric minibus.

The Pavise is Hyundai’s latest addition to its growing fleet of commercial trucks. In addition to the new midsize model, Hyundai’s truck line includes the heavy-duty Xcient, medium-duty Mega Truck and light-duty Mighty and Porter.

The midsize category of commercial trucks is a popular one, with industry giants like Volvo, Scania and MAN all vying for a central position in the sector.

The Pavise is meant to be a bridge between heavy- and medium-duty trucks, borrowing strengths from the larger Xcient and smaller Mega Truck. It has a cargo capacity of 13.5 metric tonnes and 6.7 cubic metres of space in the cockpit, according to The Korea Herald. The new truck is powered by a 325 hp 7-litre diesel engine and includes an innovative system designed to maximize efficiency.

Lee In-Cheol, vice president and head of Commercial Vehicle Business Division at Hyundai Motors, said Hyundai hopes the Pravise will fill an open space in the commercial truck market.

“Pavise aims to offer economic advantage and practicality,” Lee said. “This will be a solution for customers who want spacious cargo loads but strong driving power.”

The company also revealed plans to use hydrogen fuel cell technology in its large and midsize trucks, as well as express buses.

“We aim to change the existing paradigm of large trucks here and launch a total of 10 hydrogen-powered trucks by December,” Lee said. These vehicles will first be available to customers in Switzerland.

“After establishing business model in Swiss, we plan to expand the business into neighboring European countries, as well as introduce our commercial vehicles to public sectors to be used as public transportation or garbage trucks.”