Liugong details first new F-Series excavator model

30 Nov, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Liugong details first new F-Series excavator model

In September, Liugong North America announced its new F-Series excavators. A press release at the time stated in part, “Compared with the previous generations of excavators, the F-series excavators have more models and size classes, including standard ones for the Chinese market and short-tail and zero-tail swing ones for the Western European and North American markets.”

Now, Liugong has named the first F-Series model that will be available to the North American market. Dubbed the 9018F, the machine is a reduced tail-swing, 1.9 tonne mini-class excavator.

Construction Equipment Guide reports that the 9018F’s strengths stem from its diminutive size and retractable undercarriage (it is the smallest excavator in the 6th generation F-Series). Customers will be able to choose between a canopy style cab and a close pressurized cab with a heater and window defroster. At just 2.3 metres in height, the closed cab version is suited for passage beneath overpasses and through tunnels.

Mike Watt, product manager for LiuGong NA excavators, said the company is looking to expand technologies currently exclusive to its large excavators to its compact machines as well.

“Right now we’re working toward 2D control on our full-size excavators, and in the future this technology will be available to our compact excavator line, Watt explained. “Additional technology will be made available later, pending customer review.”

Below are the official specs for the 9018F:

  • Operating weight (with cab): 4,189 pounds 
    • T4F Yanmar engine: 18 hp (gross), 17 hp (net) 
    • Max pump flow rate: 14.5 gpm
    • Max pressure: 3,046 psi
    • Standard bucket capacity: 0.06 cubic yards
    • Bucket/cutting width: 19.5 inches
    • Bucket breakout force: 3,597 lbf
    • Arms stick force: 2,023 lbf
    • Digging depth: 7 feet 6 inches
    • Swing speed: 9.5 rpm 
    • Arm length: 3 feet 6 inches
    • Max dump height: 7 feet 9 inches (digging height 11 feet 1 inch)
    • Horizontal reach: 10 feet 11 inch (at 3 feet 3 inches height)