Mack Anthem shown off at Brisbane Truck Show

17 Oct, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Mack Anthem shown off at Brisbane Truck Show

The new Mack Anthem truck was recently exhibited at the Brisbane Truck Show. But as Diesel News reports, the display was a limited one: it simply showed the truck’s spacious, innovative cabin, opened up to allow viewers to move from the cockpit to the sleeper cab and back again. Per the reporters at Diesel News:

“Talking to many Mack fans, who have only seen the truck in photographs from the US, they are not sure about the look of the new model. However, Diesel News did get the opportunity to drive the truck in the US after its launch there, and can reassure those Mack-watchers that the truck actually looks a lot better in the metal than it does in snapshots.”

They go on to speculate that there will be small but significant differences between the American and Australian versions of the Anthem. For example, the American model has a 70-inch sleeper, while its Australian counterpart will likely only have a 60-inch sleeper. Mack’s website lists a number of features that it says improves efficiency, durability, comfort and safety. Below is a list of said features:
Breakaway Mirrors

“The mounts are spring-loaded to rotate when hit, preventing damage to the cab and lowering parts and repair costs.”

Durable Components

“From bolts to latches, all Anthem components are made from tough, long-lasting materials.”

LED Lights

“LED headlights are 66% brighter, last longer, use less energy and provide better visibility.”

Additional Storage

“Oversized cup holders fit large drinks and there’s room for keys, devices and more in the easy-to-clean unit.”

Mack-Exclusive Seats

“We partnered with Sears Seating to build seats that improve driver comfort and support, while taking on daily wear and tear.”

D-Panel Gauges

“Customize the dash with 4 optional auxiliary gauges.”

Power Window, Lock and Mirror Controls

“Provide more comfort and control than manual windows.”

Generous Headroom

“Anthem’s generous ceiling height of 6’11” at the driver’s seat and 7’1″ in the rear of the cab lets drivers stand up and walk right through to the sleeper.”

The Mack Anthem is powered by an MP8HE direct injection diesel engine with 445hp.