MECALAC Unveils New 7MWR Wheeled Excavator

24 Sep, 2018 | posted in: News | 0
MECALAC Unveils New 7MWR Wheeled Excavator

MECALAC’s newest wheeled excavator, the 7MWR, was featured at this year’s APF Exhibition, which took place from 20-22 September. The new model was displayed by forestry machinery manufacturer NCD Equipment Ltd.

The 7MWR merges the strengths of wheeled and crawler excavators to deliver exceptional mobility, versatility, stability, accessibility and lifting power. Designed specifically to function in confined work spaces, the 7MWR is an ideal machine for the forestry industry.

“We are excited to demonstrate the 7MWR at this year’s APF exhibition,” Paul Macpherson, Sales and Marketing Director at MECALAC Construction Equipment UK, said. “The machine is the culmination of extensive research and innovation, creating a unique solution that will meet the needs of operators across multiple sectors.”

Its efficient 2.9L, 55kw stage IIIB-compliant engine generates 300Nm of torque, while a DPF exhaust after-treatment with passive regeneration guarantees that all models satisfy international emissions standards. A full-rotation 360 degree turret enables compact and efficient work within the body of the machine.

Moreover, with an operating weight of 6,925kg and a top speed of 30kph, the 7MWR offers first-rate maneuverability and productivity.

“We are proud to be able to show the MWR on our stand as it offers a different proposition to any other machine,” said Nick Dinsdale, Managing Director at NCD Equipment Ltd. “Traditionally we use tracked excavators to demonstrate our products, but due to the MWR’s versatile nature we are able to do this on a wheeled machine, further highlighting how our attachments work across different types of excavator.”

He added: “This also provides us with the opportunity to highlight how our attachments can be used in a huge variety of different environments, where wheeled machines are better suited.”