Meet Rexx: Bis’ New Mining Hauler Truck

25 Mar, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Meet Rexx: Bis’ New Mining Hauler Truck

Bis, an Australian mining services company that offers logistics and materials handling, has unveiled a new, innovative off-road haul truck—Rexx.

Designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, Rexx is reportedly able to haul a 160-ton payload for 35 kilometers at a normal operating speed of 60km/h.

“This industry leading distance is at least four times further than conventional dump trucks, which are limited in range due to tyres heating,” Bis states. “Rexx’s smaller tyres do not experience over-heating issues.”

An innovative steering system enhances the truck’s manoeuverability. With a turning circle of 13.6 meters, Rexx is designed to thrive in narrow and confined working spaces.

The truck’s toughness is one of its major selling points. According to Bis:

“Rexx has been designed with multiple steering and driving axles which can handle gradients of 15% when fully loaded. The multi-axle and 20-tyre design delivers an increased surface area and reduced ground pressure, enabling Rexx to work efficiently in all terrains.

“The unique multi-axle design also distributes load more evenly across the five axles and 20 tyres, enabling Rexx to operate in tough pit environments, including wet underfoot conditions.”

Overall, says Bis CEO Brad Rogers, Rexx is a ground-breaking product in the mining services industry.

“Rexx’s robust and simple design leverages our existing knowledge and resources,” Rogers said. “This has meant we were able to keep our manufacturing costs low, allowing Bis to deliver savings to customers through our service delivery model.

“At Bis, we are driven by bringing technology and innovation to our customers to deliver real value. We are very excited about the opportunity that Rexx creates for a whole range of mining operations in Australia and internationally.”