Smart dozers from Komatsu now available

15 Aug, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Smart dozers from Komatsu now available

Komatsu Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer of construction, mining and forestry equipment, in addition to industrial and tunneling machinery and forklift trucks, now offers a “smart” bulldozer that includes numerous advanced features such as auto-stripping, auto-spreading and high production dozing.

The new system, called Proactive Dozing Control, is compatible with Komatsu’s D51EXi-24, D51PXi-24, D61EXi-24 and D61PXi-24 dozers, according to Builder Online.

Derek Morris, product marketing manager, Intelligent Machine Control and Smart Construction for Komatsu, referred to the new advanced system as a “game-changer.”

“Traditionally, GPS machine control focused on finish grade, which meant operators only used the technology approximately 10 to 20 percent of the time,” Morris explained. “Proactive Dozing Control logic is a game-changer because the integrated system now lets operators use automation any time, whether for general site clean-up, backfilling trenches and more.”

Central to the system is the combined use of Global Navigation Satellite System and Inertial Measurement Unit. This allows the machine to precisely calculate its tracks’ location (taking terrain into consideration), which in turn enables it to automatically make decisions about when to cut, carry, spread and/or fill material, and also when to complete grading.

“A key differentiator is that our system collects data at the tracks, while aftermarket solutions collect data at the blade,” Morris explained. “Because data is collected at the track, the system provides a real-time picture of the ground around the machine, allowing the system to make calculated decisions based on the current terrain.”