Tata Hitachi Launches New Backhoe Loader

6 Aug, 2018 | posted in: News | 0
Tata Hitachi Launches New Backhoe Loader

Tata Hitachi, the India-based construction machinery manufacturer, recently unveiled its impressive new backhoe loader, called the Shinrai, at EXCON 2017, Bengaluru.

“Today, we are proud to launch our all new backhoe loader – Tata Hitachi Shinrai which we believe will take the market by storm,” Sandeep Singh, Managing Director of Tata Hitachi, stated. “Shinrai is an engineering masterpiece built in collaboration with Tata Technologies and Hitachi Construction Machinery, Japan. The all new backhoe loader, with its new and advanced features, stands true to its name – Shinrai, a Japanese word that means trust, reliability and confidence.”

Powered by a “high torque at low rpm” engine, the Shinrai boasts industry-leading reaches and dig forces, as well as innovative front end loader geometry.

Other highlights include a spacious, ergonomically designed cabin that incorporates roll-over (ROPS) and falling object (FOPS) protective structures, unique market requirements (such as ‘Duck Walk’ capability), along with advanced electronics like GPS and telematics.

Singh added: “It will compete with similar products in the industry on the strength of its Japanese technology, superior quality, higher productivity, and backed by our service support.

“In fact, we are leaders in technology, which is coming to us from our parent company, which is also behind the Bullet Train technology. Commercial production of the Shinrai backhoe will start from April 2018 onwards, and we plan to introduce a four-wheel version later for the export market.”

Also on display at the product launch was ZAXIS140H (the newest addition to the GI Series), ZAXIS140H (the quarry variant of EX210 Super featuring heavy-duty track chain, rollers, idler and re-enforced bucket) and ZH200 (which embraces advanced technologies used in hydraulic, electric and battery powered excavators), among others.

Tata Hitachi began manufacturing construction machinery in 1961 as Tata Motors, and began a technical partnership with Hitachi Construction Machinery in 1984.