Terex Trucks, a Scotland-based manufacturer of heavy-duty dump trucks, announced it is expanding its operations in France, where the construction industry is rapidly growing.

Paul Douglas, managing director of Terex Trucks, said:

“With so many big projects in the pipeline, France is a key market for Terex Trucks. Historically, France has been one of the industry’s strongest articulated hauler markets, with around 300 machines sold in a good year. 

“However, due to the geopolitical climate, volumes have dropped over the last couple of years to around 140 units. But now we are starting to see demand for articulated haulers pick up again, with a total of 60 machines across all brands sold in France in the first quarter.”

Terex recently added Promatex International, Framateq Sud-Est and Manu-Lorraine to its dealer network.

“We’ve identified the key territories we want to cover and we’re thrilled to add three reputable French dealers to our growing network,” Douglas said. “We are currently expanding our operations in France and plan to sign more dealers in the near future.”

Terex currently offers two articulated dump trucks in France—the 28-tonne TA300 and the 38-tonne TA400, both of which are designed for large-scale construction projects.

“Terex Trucks machines are simple to operate and easy to maintain,’ Douglas added. “They are proven performers that deliver low total cost of ownership and high productivity.”

The TA400 is powered by a six-cylinder Scania DC13 engine and an Allison HD4560 transmission. Among its notable features are ground level test points, a fully tilting cab and an electronically raised hood.

The TA300, meanwhile, includes independent front suspension, lending the truck enhanced traction control and operator comfort  . Powered by a five-cylinder Scania DC9 engine, the truck satisfies EU emissions standards without a diesel particulate filter.