Truck of the Year Latin America 2020 goes to Scania

17 Oct, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Truck of the Year Latin America 2020 goes to Scania

Scania, a Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles including heavy duty trucks, buses and coaches, as well as engines for various applications, has been bestowed with the “Truck of the Year Latin America” for the year 2020. A panel of 15 commercial vehicle editors and journalists voted to give Scania the award, which was presented at Fenatran, the biggest transport trade show in Latin America.

The following is from a press release on Scania’s website:

“Based on the same rules of the renowned International Truck of the Year, the Latin American award is presented for trucks introduced in the market over the past 12 months. The jury makes its decision on the basis of which truck that has contributed the most to road transport efficiency. Several important criteria are considered, including technological innovation, comfort, safety, driveability, fuel economy, environmental footprint and total operating economy.”

Christopher Podgorski, President and CEO of Scania Latin America said he wasn’t surprised by the reception to the company’s new truck line in Latin America, considering its success in other parts of the globe.

“Since introducing Scania’s new truck generation in Latin America at the beginning of this year, our customers here are showing exactly the same enthusiasm as earlier experienced in Europe,” Podgorski said. “The new trucks have proven to be outstanding, not least in fuel economy, thereby boosting both haulier economy and combatting climate change.”

The same generation of Scania truck had previously been awarded International Truck of the Year in 2017—when it was released in Europe.

Scania has a widespread global presence, with production plants in France, Finland, Holland, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Argentina and India. It manufactures trucks for long-haul, distribution and construction applications. It also offers a selection of special purpose trucks.