Trucking engineers win top honors at Castrol Vecton Dinner

17 Oct, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Trucking engineers win top honors at Castrol Vecton Dinner

Two Australian trucking engineers were given awards at the recently-held Castrol Vecton Awards Dinner in Melbourne. The gala was organized by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA); more than 300 individuals from the commercial road transport and logistics industries were in attendance.

The 2019 Castrol Vecton Industry Achievement Award went to Phil Webb of PACCAR Australia. Webb has worked in the industry for four decades and is one of its best-known experts in truck design, according to Prime Mover.

Now retired, Webb’s dedicated work over the years has had a lasting impact on Australia’s trucking industry.

“During his 44 years with PACCAR, Phil has become revered for his extensive technical knowledge and strong focus on positive customer outcomes, always going above and beyond,” ATA Chair Geoff Crouch said. ““Phil had a great impact on the Kenworth brand in Australia, overseeing the Australian specification development of the L700 and C500 models, and ensuring the needs of the customer were always put first.”

Meanwhile, Jason Barry of Border Crane Consultants was honored with the 2019 Craig Roseneder Award recognizing excellence in technical and maintenance work. Barry founded Border Crane Consultants in 2011 and has been a member of the ATA’s Industry Technical Council since 2005. He was a runner up for last year’s Craig Roseneder Award.

Crouch lauded Barry for his commitment to making the road transport industry a safer and more efficient one:

“His passion, excellence and experience combined to create a unique approach to resolving challenges which confronted the industry. Therefore, it is only fitting that this accolade be awarded to Jason Barry, a professional who demonstrates a strong passion and longstanding dedication to the industry.”

He concluded:

“I congratulate Jason, Phil and each of our award finalists, all of whom represent the true gems in the Australian trucking industry. They are the hardworking innovators and professionals who keep our industry moving.”