Vermeer unveils new XR2 Vacuum excavator

25 Oct, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Vermeer unveils new XR2 Vacuum excavator

Vermeer, an American manufacturer of construction, industrial and agricultural machinery, has launched a new vacuum excavator called the XR2. The XR2 is the industry’s first vacuum excavator fitted with a shaker deck that Vermeer says enables operators to work longer with greater efficiency and less disposal expenses. Here’s how it works: an onboard deceleration tank takes excavated material and emits it onto the shaker deck, which then segregates solids from liquids. The solid material is then dumped while the liquid is routed into a holding tank for later disposal.

Product manager Adam Bates described some of the other benefits provided by the XR2:

“Soft excavation methods are effective at reducing utility strikes, which have spurred the growth of the vacuum excavator market. However, DOT truck and trailer weight restrictions can impact the amount of material that crews can transport over the road, and the design of the XR2 helps teams get more hours of production.”

The following are some of the XR2’s key features:

  • A 5678 litre freshwater storage capacity that can deliver up to 150 minutes of wand time at a rate of 10 gallons per minute
  • A 15.2cm diameter hose that produces up to 5776 cmh of suction for maximized digging performance
  • A 6.4m boom that provides 260 degrees of swing
  • A power takeoff feature that automatically transfers power between the vacuum system and the truck drive system

Bates summed up the concept of and inspiration for the unique machine:

“The XR2 was developed after listening to contractors about the limitations associated with traditional hydro-excavators. Contractors understand the soft excavation advantages of hydro-excavators but also felt limited by the production of many units because of weight concerns and water storage capacities. The design of the XR2 can help expand the use of vacuum excavation for everything from utility potholing and stitch boring to slot trenching and general construction.”