Volvo Group Enlists Samsung to Develop Electric Truck Batteries

21 Jul, 2019 | posted in: News | 0
Volvo Group Enlists Samsung to Develop Electric Truck Batteries

Volvo Group and Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. have announced that they are entering into a partnership to produce batteries for the former company’s electric trucks. The partnership comes as Volvo seeks to expand its involvement in the rapidly growing battery-powered truck market.

February 2019 witnessed Volvo deliver its first all-electric trucks to customers in Europe. “Our close collaboration with drivers and customers has enabled us to develop, in a short space of time, electrified transport solutions that meet high requirements in terms of performance, driving distances, cargo handling and vehicle use,” Volvo Trucks President Roger Alm said at the time. He added:

“We will continue to develop our electrified offering. At the same time, we are steadily reducing the environmental and climate impact of our diesel and gas powered trucks, primarily through energy-efficient drivelines.”

According to Volvo Group CEO Martin Lundstedt, Samsung will deliver battery cells and packs to Volvo’s manufacturing sites.

“The alliance with Samsung SDI is an important next step on our journey towards offering the world’s most truly sustainable transport system with fossil-free alternatives for our commercial vehicles,” Lundstedt said.

Samsung SDI CEO Young-Hyun Jun was equally optimistic about the new alliance’s potential, stating:

“We are confident this alliance will secure the market leadership of the two companies in the long-term.”