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Our Lead Gen Process Summed Up




Have Some Questions?


All the frequently asked questions by those who become Equipment Hunt Partners.

Can I Trust Equipment Hunt Leads?

Our business relies on ensuring every lead we generate is legitimately considering your product. We collect a detailed list of purchasing requirements, obtain full contact details and call customers to screen for quality. We occupy ourselves with Advanced Online Marketing Strategies to Generate high quality In-Market leads.

Our ability to generate these highly qualified leads gives you the equipment providers a leading edge in approaching potential buyers.

We are here for you and can also craft flexible Lead Generation programs to suit your sales requirements. This lets you focus on what you do best while we provide in-market prospects for you to call and generate more business.

How Can Equipment Hunt Work For My Company?

Equipment Hunt takes the hassle out of acquiring leads. Simply put we are data and internet experts. We canvass and qualify all leads so you don’t have to. Because we are capable of identifying the specific needs of each and every equipment buyer we not only save you time, but also lower your cost per acquisition (CPA). Don’t waste your organisation’s budget on inefficient marketing, unmeasurable outcomes and get down to business.

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Is There an Introductory Offer?

We believe so strongly in our ability to deliver qualified leads we are offering an introductory offer for all new equipment providers. Our introductory offer is simply this, purchase your first lead and get a 2nd one FREE!

So why not give it a go? Sign-up via our partners page today and will be in-contact and you’ll be on your way to receiving quality leads at low costs.

What If I have a Problem with a Lead?

Understandably along the customer journey, some leads have changing needs, budgets and unforeseen circumstances. To accommodate for these variations within the customer journey we offer a ’14 Day Credit Policy’. In the rare occasion in which you are unhappy with the quality of the leads we will replace this lead with another unique and qualified lead.

We are committed to constructive feedback and will ensure to provide only the best quality leads


What Kind of Leads Can Equipment Hunt Supply

Currently we are producing and qualifying leads for the Construction Machinery Equipment and associated Industrial Products including:

However due to the success of our advanced lead qualification program we are also servicing a range of other equipment categories, if you have any specific needs please contact us and we can develop and efficient lead generation program for you.

What’s My Best Chance to Make a Sale?

To make a Sale it’s as easy as:

  1. Sign Up as a Partner.
  2. Tell Us What You Sell & Speak with our Partner Representative.
  3. Receive our lead email alerts (sent daily).
  4. Read and Listen to our qualified leads.
  5. If this lead matches your customer profile(s) then go ahead, purchase and call your next potential customer.

We’ve reduced the amount of time and effort required for you to speak directly to highly qualified buyers. Save time, money and effort today.

Will All Leads Covert Into a Sale?

Like any lead, not all will convert into sales. However we have a rigorous qualification program which reduces the likelihood of false positives, unmotivated participants or ‘window shoppers’. We have a team of customer representative who physically call each and every lead to discuss their needs in-depth.

We discuss:

  • Urgency – How soon does the customer want the product.
  • Technical specs – What machinery does the customer want and of what specifications.
  • Brand Preference – Is there a specific brand the customer prefers.
  • Budget – Does the customer have sufficient budget.
  • Location – Where is the customer located.
  • Personal Information – What is the customers full name, email and phone number.

This qualification program reduces the probability ‘non-sale’ leads, ultimately making your job easier and more efficient. Try these leads today and see how well it works for your business.

How It Works

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